Trial Fail too many problems

Roon user with two systems with DSD DACs and Tidal looking to add Audirvana as price is reasonable and wanted to test. I downloaded trial version and did a quick comparison of Beck Golden Age DSD between Audi & Roon. Surprised but Audi sounded better even though in Audi settings says my DAC doesn’t play DSD when it does play native DSD. Sound impressed me. Anyway since playing once I can no longer play as I get the message below. Too much hassle. I closed Roon. Closed and reopened Aid etc. No good. I won’t be bothering buying. Roon just work. Searches on my issue found no answers.

The sound device is already hogged by another application((null), pid = 643)

Unable to start playing

Well the message related to the issue you’re having us pretty clear. Some other application is holding the audio interface. Maybe it was Roon or something else.

it wasn’t always like that, it was great until this version 3.5.45, there are more people with similar problems and the effort on the part of at least to communicate is zero. sad … and the solution in sight

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