Trial is nearly finished - Origin is a KEEPER!

Firstly, I wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum.
This is a really great community, full of friendly enthusiasts, all keen to share knowledge and insight.
I’ve found answers to several questions amongst these threads.

My trial period is nearly up, and I shall be purchasing a license.

Origin is the software I’ve been looking for.

I’ve tried Jriver, and it was great, but I wanted something that purely focused on audio.
Foobar sounded good, but felt unnecessarily over complicated, and I just couldn’t be bothered with it.

Origin has got a sweet-looking clean interface, it’s uncluttered and simple.
Output assignment is intuitive; switching between Zen DAC v2, Xduoo XD05 or sending straight to my Marantz over WiFi is quick and easy.
There are so many possibilities with processing and upsamplng; I’ve never been one for tweaking but Origin has opened a bit of a rabbit hole, and I appear to have stumbled down it!
And the sound quality… Oh my word!
Fantastic. It really does sound sublime.

It’s great to see developers actively involved within a knowledgeable community, and that was one of my main reasons for deciding to buy a licence.

While I’m saying hello, I guess I ought to ask you all a question, as that’s what this forum is about…

Does Origin change my tags? Or add tags?
I may well be going mad, but I thought it had added some meta data.
I could be wrong. I’m not pointing a finger just yet, but I like to do my tagging myself, and I like my tags the way I do them.
Software that automatically adds tags or fiddles with my tags feels like an infringement; rather like someone rifling through my sock drawer, and arranging socks incorrectly, or not even in pairs.




Check Show settings → Local → Metadata Recovery options. By default Audirvana uses MusicBrainz to add missing information to it’s database, but doesn’t change the files themselves. It did do this in the past though, but the Audirvana team got so much flak from people’s who’s filetags were destroyed, that they removed the default option of yes to no.

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Hi There,

Discordiain : Origin doesn’t change tags at all, don’t worry :wink: maybe it shows a bit more by default, so this is probably why you feel this.

sandsOfArrakis : this feature you mention isn’t in Origin :wink:

Cheers ^^

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Hi @Lolodesiles

Thank you for clearing this up for me.

I tried to find the metadata recovery settings that @sandsOfArrakis referred to but obviously couldn’t.

I spotted the ‘Streaming’ tab in the screenshot and realised that this must be the Studio varient of Audirvana.

I’m relieved to know that my tags aren’t being ‘interfered with’, and shall rest easy now.

Solution checkbox ticked :white_check_mark:

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