Trial of Studio 2.0 for previous customer?

Hi, I have a question. I assumed that I as previous customer of Audirvana Studio 1.0 (no abonnement) could test the free trial of AS 2.0, but I have no chance. After login there is no offer. Should I delete my existing account and registry me as new fictive user with other email address to get the possibility to use the free trial?


Send a mail to


Apparently the new support address is @Jim_F @support@audirvana.nope

Be sure to update your records accordingly :wink:

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I think AS 2.0 is a new release. I had a subscription for AS 1.0 and now I would like to give AS 2.0 a chance. So I would ask via support email address.


Yes talk to @Antoine to get the straight scoop, he’s always more than fair in my opinion. His call though

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Yep. This forum can not give you a definitive answer on that. Only @Antoine or @Damien can do that.

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