Trial Period still ongoing, software won't start

Good afternoon.

First post here.

I installed Audirvana for Windows 10 on the 15th . It accepted the trial period start (which was set to 15 days when the web page claims 30? is there a typo there?).

I have had some UPnP issues (which I will report in a separate post) which had prevented me to do real testing. I found via other forums a workaround to circumvent an apparently known-but-undocuemented bug, but now I cannot get Audirvana to go past the license screen.

It just says:
“There is no valid license available to continue execution of Audirvana Plus”, an I have options to “Enter license key”, “buy now”, or “exit”. I don’t have the option to access the trial period anymore, even though I’m still within the valid trial period.

Furthermore, support has been unresponsive for a few days regarding both my issues, and it took a full day to even activate this account. So I have lost most part of the first 5 days out the 15 days of trials (when they were supposed to be 30).

As you can imagine, I’m not the happiest tester at this point. :frowning:

How can this issue be resolved? Do I need to delete something locally for it to try to acquire the remote trial license? Will this be a recurring issue once the software is bought and I would have constant key validation issues and will have several days of no-play time? What is the licensing model? If this is going to be a repeating issue and I won’t be able to listen whenever I want to, that could pose a problem on the licensing model for me, really hard to think this is not the case for many others.

Thanks for any insight, best regards,

Register another trial with a secondary email address. Once you’re convinced you want to go ahead with the purchase, buy the license with your primary email account.