Trial version says 1.2.0

I downloaded the trial version and am having issues with it. I noticed that there is much discussion about version 3.5, but if I look at the my account page, the application version is listed as 1.2.0.

How can I confirm if I have rthe correct version?

If you are new to Audirvana, 1.2 is the current version… Mac or PC… call Audirvana Studio
If you had Audirvana before you could have a version Mac or PC also 3.5.46 called Audirvana Plus…
that software doesn’t exist to buy now, but still working like before.

they don’t have anything in common… well :slight_smile: not truth,
but if you didn’t have the old version that you bought,
you only have choice to subscibe to the new version or not, if you like it
after your free month trial.

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