Trial vs paid

Hi all
Im new to Audirvana and currently running Origin on mac m1. have to say this is very good player UI is very clear to use. By the end of trial will definitely buy it. Got one question is there any difference between trial and paid version? In a list of features it say “full access to origin features “

As far as I know there is no difference between the trial version and the paid version.

Sorry, I did not know about the HD profile analysis. I almost never do them, so I never met the limit :smile:

When you are in trial of Audirvāna Studio/Audirvāna Origin, you have 30 HD profile analysis possible, after you pay for the software, this limit is removed so you have unlimited number of analysis.

thanks for your help

hi guys
one more thing, when I click on a track it disappeared from album then when turn on Audirvana again all track are there. strange because when I want to play previous track I need to turn off player. any suggestions ?

You mean when you play the track? Can you send a screenshot while you have this behavior?

on that screenshot you can see there is album starting from track 3 and track 1 is playing. before I start there was 1-16… strange
BTW if I do nothing music will play as normal and every track that start playing will be gone from list. that is ok ish but if I want to back to already play tracks I need to turn off and on audirvana…

Ok so you are in the folder view. I had a report of this previously and would like to narrow why you have this behavior. Can you please send a screenshot of your whole Audirvāna ?