Trying it out... couple of questions regarding interface, please


I’ve been trying Audirvana and I’m pretty sure it sounds better than other software I’m using. That being said, I do miss a lot some functions other players have. I’d like to ask if they exist and I’m just missing some setting location before I make up my mind about buying Audirvana’s license. Or maybe they are not available on the trial version?

  • Now playing (miniplayer?) in full screen to second screen possible (keyboard shortcut or something)? And anyway to edit how it looks? Second screen is a 55’ screen and everything looks tiny…

  • Album tags editing? Stuff like art etc? I could live with having some other software doing this though…

And one last one and this one is not interface related.

  • When I was comparing drivers, ASIO systematically sounds the worst to me. On any player! I was actually very surprised because that’s not the notion I have about it at all, and it’s the driver Denafrips (my dac’s brand) recommends. Anyone else felt this? Because if not, then I’m doing something wrong here…

For the latter… From what I read… Thousands of set ups all gave “a sound” and all have quirks.

The editing I do all in Audirvana. It is fiddly but seems to work well.

Mini player is to try out various preferences.

Hi @Kutusov,

You need to drag Audirvāna on your 55’ screen and click on this icon at the top right of your screen:


Do you mean the metadata information displayed are too small on your 55’ TV?

If you want to edit the album tags and artwork, you need to click on the album name and then open the metadata editor like this:

If you want to edit tracks metadata, you can select one or more tracks and in the same editor, you will see metadata you can change.

Thanks guys!

I figured out how to edit, I just wasn’t getting the layout but now I’m a bit more used to it.

@Antoine, thanks for the help! And yes, the TV is further away (it’s sort of a living room/office) and not only can’t I get the mini player maximized (it only fills about 2/3s of the screen) I can hardly read the text below the album art. I imagine it’s a resolution difference between the two screens, I’m pretty sure I had this issue with some other media player. I’ll try to play with that.

I haven’t tried the remote app as my PC doesn’t have wifi (I took the antena and board out) but I imagine that and my Ipad could sort this out :slight_smile:

In the preferences you can choose option for bigger fonts instead of normal…

I remembered I have an usb wifi dongle so I tried the remote app. I can cast the now playing onto the TV and it’s not perfect but it works for me. :+1:

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