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New Audirvana user here, I’m wanting to add to my iTunes environment I’ve been using with BitPerfect for about 10 years. I’ve read what I can find and watched the YouTube’s, but don’t see an actual manual, so I have some novice questions.

I’ve taken an extra Mac mini and done a fresh install of Catalina and the Music App (no BitPerfect), I then added my music to it and got a working Music App (with Album Artwork) and Apple Remote App. I then installed the Trial Audirvana and pointed it to my files, it also works as does the iPad Remote App. I think from the little I’ve read here in the forum that Library Sync is preferable, but I don’t know why, nor what the pro’s and cons are (my library is only about 500GB).

My goals with Audirvana are to more reliably play my varied bit rate/depth files, mostly 44/16 ripped CDs, and HDTracks (96/24 or 88/24) both in ALAC; and a small smattering of MP3’s. Improved audio would be a bonus, as would reliable album and artist artwork.

I need iTunes integration so that we can access the music library from our Apple TV’s and into the Home Theatre, but I want Audirvana to play into my two channel system — I’m assuming USB is preferable, but TOSLink is also available — there is an 8Ft/2.5M distance in either case.

Sorry to be so wordy (it’s my way), I’m willing to read I just can’t find anything outside the FAQ. Feel free to point me to any useful documentation.

Here are my questions:

  • Is there a preferred way to auto start these two Apps?

  • What are the pros & cons of Monitored folders vs Library sync?

  • Though my Apple Music App had embedded Album artwork for all entries, only some art made it to Audirvana. I read something about a .jpg in the music folder, is that the preferred/only way? Is there any way to fix Artist Artwork? What are the preferred file format/sizes?

  • Are there other recommendations for my situation?

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide

So I guess I’m not starting on the right note, let me try another question.
Should Audirvana and the Music App be able to run on the same machine at the same time. I’m not asking if they can both play at the same time, but can they both be loaded so that either could be used?

Yes, if you’re not attempting to have exclusive lock on the audio interface used by both. Same goes for BitPerfect.

With the monitored folder Audirvana builds it’s own index. With the library sync Audirvana imports the iTunes/Music index.

I would advise you to switch completely to Audirvana and create index in Audirvana using the monitored folder method.

Thank you for your reply. My wife likes to use our two Apple TV’s to play music, they require iTunes or the Music App to be loaded (so they can see the library service); can you kindly elaborate what Audirvana features (or quality) I will be missing by having this loaded?

Thanks again for your help!

In terms of quality you lose nothing. It’s question of personal preference.

I keep my good files in Audirvana (FLAC) and files for mobile use in iTunes/Music (AAC).

Great, thank you! If possible I’d like to have one set of files for both Audirvana and iTunes on the Mac (mine are ALAC), it sounds like that should work. I do sync as AAC to my iPhone.

I appreciate your help.

So, I had always thought that Apple TV saw and connected to the iTunes ‘service’, hence iTunes had to be loaded for ATV to play music. However, I’ve since discovered that Apple TV gains access to the filesystem via the Home Sharing service and DAAP (which I thought was just for permissions). So, iTunes does not need to be loaded and my wife can still play music via ATV.

I then can load just Audirvana to use as my player, this is well timed because the iTunes Remote App does not work with the new Music App and it appears there won’t be a replacement. So Audirvana not only gives me a better player, but gives me the remote back as well. Thanks for your suggestions.

Now, does anyone know if Audirvana displays ‘Embedded’ artwork or ‘Sidecar’ artwork? or do I actually have to put a file in every album directory? And where does Audirvana get Artist artwork?

If the artwork is embedded with the files, you don’t have to place the cover art image in each folder.

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