Turning Wi-Fi Off sounds better

I would like to share an audio tweak I came across recently:

My set-up:

MBP mid 2010, 4 GB RAM, High-Sierra, max. memory allocated for tracks pre-load 1 GB
Audirvana, latest version, Qobuz Hi-Fi, no local stored files
MBP receives Qobuz via Wi-Fi only, output via USB to DAC

Directly after loading the files into RAM I turn Wi-Fi off at the menu bar.

The result:
From a pure SQ POV the improvement is subtle but the music is more involving, the interplay of the musicians seems to be better, the music makes more sense and some hardness disappears, the presentation is smoother.

Try and enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I dont wonder about it. Cause WiFi catches Processor-Power. Did You download the Musicfiles before stopping WiFi? In my opiniion the best audiophile-result in Audirvana is receiving Qobuz or Tidal via LAN-Cable-Connection. And a netswitch between Router an MacbookPro,

To be honest that is a pretty low spec Mac in terms of ram.
If your Qobuz stream is cached Then the quality of your Wi-Fi network should not matter, unless your Mac is doing something else in the background
If you’re getting better audio quality via the USB dac by turning wifi off that is weird.

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The problem is not Wi-Fi but network activity. You have network activity when your LAN cable is connected, so turning Wi-Fi off is comparable to unplugging your LAN cable.
But turning off Wi-Fi is easier to do than unplugging your LAN cable, so going Wi-Fi is an advantage in this context.
Of course you have to wait until the tracks are pre-loaded into RAM.


Yes it is a low spec Mac but 1 GB RAM is ok for tracks pre-loading.
But even when the stream is cached you have network activity either via Wi-Fi or LAN.
So it makes sense to stop network activity during playback.


I have a similar set up except that my music files are on the internal HDD. I’ll try it tonight and see if I notice any difference.

I read some years ago, that wifi have impact on audition, there where at this time some article on the web. But now nothing. I allways note that cutt off wifi rise quality.