Two Levels Of Partial File Import

Brand new to Audirvana…Mac Mini music server running Sierra. When I set Audirvana using import Method 1, (choosing the iTunes Music folder) I get 1,951 tracks imported to the library. When I use Method 2, (syncing with iTunes) I get 1,893 tracks. This is what shows both on the Mac Mini and on the remote.

I have 2,174 items showing in iTunes, audio files only - no podcasts, no movies, nothing else. So, I’m missing a chunk of my stuff; trouble is it’s pretty hard to discover which chunk. I’ve been pretty rigorous about cleaning up all the file info in iTunes regarding titles and artists.

Anyone have ideas?


For me, when choosing method1, try NOT to use the iTunes folder, copy those files somewhere else if it is too big, use an ext HD. You want troubles, use an Apple owned folder to run your things :grinning:

As you might have guessed, i don’t like method 2…,

Thank you for the reply. I’ll try moving the files elsewhere on the drive.

Was not teasing you… if you just start with Audirvana, play safe and see how well your tags were… when seeing them alone in Audirvana :grinning:

Found the problem. The files that will not import into Audirvana are all .m4P files that I must have ripped a long time ago. They are locked by Apple.

They will play through iTunes, but it appears that Audirvana cannot import them. Maybe I will have to convert them to .mp3 files. Yuck.

They are DRM protected, they were more likely downloaded from iTunes store

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