Two logins on my mac use up both licenses

I bought Audirvana under the impression I could use my 2 licenses on my mac and my windows 10 laptop. After activating on my mac under my login and laptop I found that when my wife logs onto the mac using her login it requires an additional licence. I have now revoked from my laptop and activated on my wife’s login. If this is the case I feel misled as Audirvana advertises installation on 2 machines. Please advise.

Hello @parky,

The license key can be use on one Mac and one Windows 10 computer. If you have multiple users in a computer, Audirvana will see it as another computer.

Audirvana advertises it can be used on 2 machines, not 2 user profiles. I consider this mis-selling. Furthermore I am disappointed Audirvana does not appear to have any directly accessible customer support. I would now like to revoke my licences and be given a refund so I can use alternate software instead. I suppose they will not be happy to do this so I will have to resort to leaving negative reviews about this software. It is expensive and I would have expected it to do what it says on the tin.

Hello @parky, I understand your point about it, we don’t have a lot of user with two profiles on their computer, this is why we didn’t make the decision to remove this restriction. We will do it in a future version of Audirvana as the licensing will be different.

We use this forum as the first way to get customer support, we look at your message every day. We don’t put the support mail address on the website as we don’t have enough people to respond to you by mail and posting your comments on the forum can help you getting information from other users of Audirvana.

If you do want a refund of your license key I can proceed to it if you want to.

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