Two paths present in the database

My database and tracklist is divided in two. Some tracks have the path beginning with the folder selected for monitoring in the Local area. Others start with “Volumes” and proceed from there. Since I use “File lication” for sorting, I have to check both parts to find a file. The tracks all start out with the first path (from the folder defined for monitoring). Sometimes, when I click the track, it changes to the other path type starting with “Volumes”. This problem started with the previous Audirvana. When doing the migration. it started converting many tracks to starting with “Volumes” on its own. I was happy because I thought that the problem would be solved. I really didn’t care which type of path is used as long as the entire database is the same. Unforfunately, when it stopped converting a large number were still in the original “Folder” format. How can I get the entire database to have the same path format?

It would seem that some kind of algorithm was programmed in the migration procedure, since it started doing it on its own. However, not all the files changed. Any idea how I can manually change path format?

By the way, I have sent by Audirvana Database.sqlite to support, but they never answer.

They do, but you have to be patient.

If you try to play the ones with volume/ before the path, I’m pretty sure they don’t work… ghost files that still can’t be delete…

If it is that, the only way i found is deleting your database .sqlite. Or if you have an old one to replace the faulty one

If you have playlists and want to keep them, export them to a folder before thrashing .sqlite

Close Audirvana. Delete .sqlite file.
Restart mac or pc. Let it rebuilt.

If those volume/… play find, i don’t know :grinning:

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Yes, The volumes/ files play fine. I have ghost files also, but that is another story.