Two PC

I installed Audirvana on a Win 10 Office machine where I have nice big screens I can use for setup.
I worked a week, some hours a day to install playlists for the three streaming services, and for the local library.
Now I want to use that same setup on a Surface Pro, without using the 2 PC at the same time.
How can I sync the 2 PC?
I dont want to use hours to type in the same stuff again.

You can sync all the audio metadata, by having both PCs share the same audio files.
For the streaming, everything is in the streaming services cloud, so all is synchronized.
For the local playlists, you can export them by right clicking on the playlist to export, then select export. You may then want to generate a .m3u file with relative paths.
Then import using the Import command in the + menu (right of “PLAYLISTS”).

Thank you!