Two Problems with UPnP Play

  1. I have two different UPnP outputs, both Raspberry Pi 4s connected each to its own DAC via USB. Audirvana does not seem to allow setting the audio settings separately for each. Changing the settings on one changing them on both. In this case, one DAC can do DSD and the other cannot, so this is a real problem. How can this be solved?

  2. A+ Remote only seems able to pause play, not stop it. So how can I change the output selection on the Remote, which can only be done when play is fully stopped?

In mac remote holding pause 2 seconds makes appear stop button

That works. Thanks. I have to say it’s not very obvious…

Any ideas on why changing the settings affects both UPnP devices & how to fix that?

Hi plato65!
At the moment this is working as designed :unamused: Me too I’m hoping that this is going to be fixed in the near future

Ok. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon then. Also, the audio units should be specific to output, so that room correction for instance would be room specific.