UI Bug in iOS Remote?

This is with the latest iOS and Windows 11 developer builds:

I did a search for Radio Paradise, which brings up several radio stations. I tapped View All to select the particular station I wanted, and the thumbnails for the choices were displayed. However, when I touched the screen to begin scrolling through the choices, the list immediately dropped down several selections (past the one I wanted), and it wouldn’t move from that position when I tried to swipe up and down.

I repeated this several times and the same thing happened each time.

Edit: This is with an iPhone 14 Pro.

Hi @Jud,

Thanks for the report, I will see if we are able to reproduce the behavior on our side.

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Hi @Jud,

Can you do a screen record of it and send it to support@audirvana.com? this will help me reproduce the issue and see if it occurs on other iOS devices.

Hi @Antoine,

Of course it works perfectly now. :slight_smile:

The prior bug may not have been the fault of Audirvana Remote. I use the iOS developer betas, but the latest iOS version is the 17.3 release, not the developer beta installed on the phone when I had the bug. So I think you can safely consider this one resolved by updating iOS to the 17.3 release version.