UI bug on Debian

Hi @Antoine , a UI bug to report with the Debian version (I don’t recall whether this also happens with the RPM version - will test shortly).

  • When Audirvāna restarts on boot, and I select a track for playback, the remote does not show playback progress (cursor doesn’t move, time doesn’t change), though playback does take place normally. This continues for subsequent tracks if the initial track chosen is not the last on the album.

Either selecting another track, re-selecting the same track, or restarting Audirvāna will correct the problem.

This happens with both Xubuntu 24.04 LTS and Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS, low latency kernel, fully updated.

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Hi @Antoine -

After further research, I think this is a low priority bug that can safely be ignored, because it takes a very specific set of circumstances that won’t occur often in order to trigger it.

It only happens when:

  • Booting from a different OS/distro; and
  • When the initial track chosen is from Qobuz; the UI appears to work correctly if the first track chosen is local.

I don’t know how many people will be bouncing back and forth between operating systems or distros to run Audirvana, and then just happen to select the first track from Qobuz. Something else that may be a factor is the host naming rules in one of my distros prevented me from using the same hostname everywhere, so it’s quite possible the bug is restricted to that situation. (Ubuntu Server doesn’t permit the use of uppercase letters in the hostname, at least on initial setup.)

Edit: After more research (including changing the hostname on Ubuntu Server to the same as all the other OSs), the problem seems to be worse, not better, i.e., it shows up in more situations, local tracks as well as Qobuz, doesn’t go away when selecting a new track… Let’s see if this shows up for anyone else, or just when switching between OSs.

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@Antoine, it seems someone else has encountered the bug under a slightly different set of circumstances: [BETA] Audirvāna for LINUX and NAS - #46 by HertzDonut

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