UI-color change possible?

Hi there!

As I’m sort of color vision impaired I have some problems with identifying the light purple(?) elements of Audirvana’s UI, see attached screenshot.

Is there a way of modifying this to a »better« color for me, via editing some settings file or so?




Hey @Audi100, I guess you can’t change the color for now, but this can (maybe) help you to identify this bar: you can click on the Wave-ish icon to transform the regular bar into a kind of spectrum one, making it larger depending on the track you’re listening of course. So maybe this helps to have a better contrast, although the color remains the same…


I know there is some accessibility improvement we need to do, do you know the name of your color vision impair?

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Well, it is no »official« color vision impairment actually. I just find it hard sometimes to distinguish between a very light purple and grey.

So is there any Audirvāna config file or so, which specifies the default light purple and that I could edit to change it to vivid red or something?

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