UI issues with Tidal on a Windows 10 laptop

Hello @Antoine
I’m having issues with the editorial info option of Tidal in the Streaming tab. I turned it on but now I can not turn it off. I already disconnected and connected Tidal, it did not fix the issue. I see that there’s a thread about the exact same problem but with Qbuz, maybe that can help speeding up the fix.


Diego Celorio

Hi @Sassaito,

Do you have Tidal and Qobuz connected at the same time?

No, I only have Tidal

When you have Tidal or Qobuz connected to Audirvāna Studio, we automatically use the information they give us access to. Once you have Tidal or Qobuz connected, you can’t remove this option as it is meant to enhance Audirvāna Studio Album and Artists views. Usually the bio we get from them is better than the Wikipedia page :wink:

Is there any way to remove it?
I don’t need it and it just made my searches and menus clunkeir and slower to load. To some all that extra options might be good additions, but I don’t like it at all.
Before activating editorial infos by Tidal the app worked way better for my type of use.

For the search, you can deactivate it by clicking on the magnifying glass next to it :wink:

I get your point anyway, will need to talk about it with Damien.

Thanks! It does help with the searches. Hope you can work on an option where one can choose to opt in or out in the “menus.” For example, I rarely use streaming services, mostly that’s when friends come over. So to be able op out of all the extra Tidal options displayed everytime you go into an artist, album or song would be quite useful.

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