UI Issues

Hi, I am very impressed with the work thus far. Playback sound is very good from my Windows 10 laptop and I can hook up all of my devices successfully.

My issues center on the UI and I have a few questions:

  • 1.) After the next song plays, the screen redraws and I lose focus on what was selected and I have to scroll down to try to find it.
    2.) I cannot scroll to the right when I add additional columns.
    3.) When I click on a control, it seems that many times the application does not get it, and I have to try several times.
    4.) I want to sort of Genre, will that be available? Basically I really like the way the apple version works for sorting and play management, will the Windows version be like that?
    5.) If I want to change the playback device, I have to restart the application

Again, these are UI issues, and I can see that the priority was playback quality. Is there a timeframe for when the UI issues will be worked on?

Thank you,

Mike Malter