UI layout (cosmetic) issue - track title overruns DAC info

When playing a track, the track title overruns the DAC info text under the transport controls.



Problem is evident in fullscreen and windowed modes at all sizes.

Audirvana Plus Version 3.2.20 (3704)
MacOS Big Sur Version 11.2.3

Not a functional problem, but dissapointing for a $$ commercial app.

Hello @jefw,

We do not support this version of audirvana anymore so we have not made the update of this version to be compatible with Big Sur.

Ah, ok. I assumed I was on the up-to-date because when I go to “Check for updates” I get:

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 7.37.45 AM

You are using the latest version of the 3.2 but if you do want to use a Big Sur compatible version you need to use 3.5.

Audirvana 3.2 for Mac has been replaced by Audirvana 3.5 for Mac.
You can get Audirvana 3.5 that brings the strongly improved user interface, and further improved sound quality.
To get your upgrade, you need to enter your order reference on https://audirvana.com/buy/#offers

Here is your order reference of Audirvana 3.2: 90767627

Before installing Audirvana 3.5 you must uninstall Audirvana 3.2