UI problem - listed tracks cannot be read

I’ve already mentioned this in the general feedback thread but I figured I’d give it more visibility with its own thread.

When browsing Tidal artists and their top tracks are shown, they are unreadable because the columns are too narrow and there is no way to adjust them:

If you click on “See All” then they become readable and you can adjust the size of each column, but that should be the case on this view as well. As it stands, it is useless.

I don’t stream, but they must be there to strech like regular column…
put your mouse slowly till you see the stretch bar

100% guaranteed that view doesn’t have stretch bars (the view after you click “See All” does.)

Additional item, albeit minor: the right-click menu in Audirvana Studio has the blue background from Audirvana 3.5 instead of matching Studio’s black theme.

This is still a problem in Studio 1.2.