UI stutter on high refresh rate monitor

Trial user here - really enjoying the software and am tempted to purchase the dual-OS license when it releases next week, though I’m currently running into a mildly annoying issue.

I use a high-refresh rate monitor on my PC, and I’m noticing that Audirvana seems to stutter quite a bit. Almost like whenever the application is selected or focused, it’s lowering the refresh rate of the system back down to 60hz rather than operating at the default refresh rate (120hz in my case). It only happens when the app is selected - if it’s open in the background it works fine.

Not sure if there’s a way to fix this? I’ve checked all my GPU and display settings to no avail. Really like the software but this is a somewhat annoying little bug.

Thanks in advance.

Fixed this - issue was with a setting in Nvidia Control Panel. For those with G-Sync monitors facing this issue, this fixed it for me:

Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Program Settings (select Audirvana):

Set “Monitor technology” to “fixed refresh rate”, and
“Preferred refresh rate” to “highest available”.

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This was fantastic information - thanks!

I added a 144Hz g-sync monitor to my system over the weekend, and not only did I get the UI stutter in Audirvana, but I was getting “empty gaps” within the playback. Your fix corrected the UI aspect and also appears to have corrected the playback too. :slight_smile: