UltraRendu not showing in Audirvāna Studio

urendu no longer shows in Audirvana Studio.

Of course, Audirvana will not play Tidal music through my system.

Oppo 205, PSA DAC, PSA Power Plant 12, Musical Fidelity M8 500, Odyssey Stratos, NAD 3020, UltraRendu(Sbooster) USB/X Matrix SPDIF(Sbooster) Audirvana Studio JRiver MC27, Magnepan 3.6, 1.7, CD3, MC1

You tried to power it down and up again after 30sec?

I lost urendu when I tried playing Tidal through my laptop. I had to go into Audirvana settings and check compatibility mode box to get DLNA to work. All is fine now. Thanks for your help.