UltraRendu with 2.9 OS unusable as constant crackle sound

@Antoine I updated today from 2.4.? to 2.5.2 and I get a constant crackle now. I’ve read here that there was an issue with 2.5.1 that has been fixed, but this is unusable for me, with upsampling on or deactivated, I get a crackling / hiccuping sound every 3-5 seconds constantly.

Macmini M1 8gb memory → ultraRendu (MPD/DNLA app) → Unison Research CD Due DAC.

Are you running the Mac Mini headless?

Have you rebooted your entire system by shutting down first the DAC, then your network components and then the Mac Mini… Then first rebooting the Mac, your network and waiting for the network to reacquire handshakes, then restart the DAC?

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Yes, headless Mac.

Yes, no differnce after complete shutdown and restart. Constant crackling and hiccuping.

Please post (copy and paste) your Debug Info here, so folks can help as best possible… This is found from the Audirvana Menu drop-down window…

If you have allocated 4GB or more for playback pre-load memory, try lowering this to 2GB…

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Thanks for your help. No difference in lowering the pre-load memory. It was set at 3.6gb, tried it at 2gb and even 0.6gb and still same constant crackling/hiccups.

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What happens when you attach a display to the Mac Mini?

What happens when you connect the DAC locally on the Mac Mini USB bus, bypassing the UltraRendu?

Is your Library storage on the macOS system SSD and what size is System SSD?

This would narrow down the potentials… but seeing your debug info will help folks here, spot some possible factors in precipitating these drop-outs…

Unfortunately, I’m not going to go to all this trouble to troubleshoot, when a new software version is released, it should just work, and not to beta tested. 2.4 was working fine. I’m also a customer of Roon, so I’ll use it in the meantime and if it doesn’t get fixed, I just wasted money last year buying a copy of Origin.

I do appreciate your help.

I too have held Roon as well as AS subscriptions. Roon too has issued software releases that according to commenters on the forum have bricked the software and created problems for users. They are not immune to this issue, as a former user I know this from experience.

Software is hard. Especially in an environment with a myriad of hardware configurations to be accommodated. The occasional problem update, whilst regrettable, is both inevitable and forgivable. The history of releases from every company both mega corporations and small boutique software vendors illustrates this.

Audirvana is a small organisation and as such their timely response to the 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 issues are, to my mind, to be commended. Evolution can sometimes have dead end forks in the road.

Its not a big deal to downgrade to the last working version whilst waiting for fixes…a practice I have had to implement for many software applications across the spectrum in the past and no doubt will have to again in the future.

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I got a backup of 2.4 from my Time Machine and upon playback the same issue with the crackling/hiccups and I started thinking I may not of used Audirvana since Sonoma was installed last week, I do mainly used Roon, but I like Audirvana and support the small operation and have been a paying customer from the beginning.

I just don’t have the time to troubleshoot and be frustrated with things not working, I’ll just move on until hopefully it gets fixed and I’ll play records, CDs or Roon until then.

Fair enough. For info I used 2.4 from its release with the various beta’s of Sonoma through to the release without any issues, Your experience may be different, I’m afraid the consequence of trying to get software to work across a myriad of connected devices each with their own firmware implementations.

I understand your angst but in using software in both a work and personal environment since the mid 80’s it is not an uncommon occurrence.

You may not like to read this, but it seems folks using Mac Mini’s (Apple Silicon or Intel) with 8GB of system RAM and running headless, seem to run into playback anomalies… and especially if they are storing their music library on the system SSD… the newer macOS consumes more RAM than most folks realize (somewhere around 4GB) and when the Mac Mini is running headless, the CPU is tasked with all UI rendering, etc, that the video sub-system would normally handle when it is engaged by attaching a display or a HDMI dummy load…

You can see how much memory the system is consuming during playback by opening Activity Monitor…

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Hi @Mystic,

Can you send us a copy of the “Debug Info” when you have this issue? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>My account

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

The issue ended up being the ultraRendu, the 2.9 OS somehow went bad (maybe during an update in the background, created some errors?). I ended up having to create a new OS on the sd card and everything is working properly now.