Unable to check your license Please check your Internet connection, and try again

It is December 11th 2020 today and I have just realised that Audirvana on my Mac does not start.
It is Audirvana Plus 3.2.20 on Mac OS 10.9.5 that does not start.
I get message saying “Unable to check your license Please check your Internet connnection, and try again”.
I have never seen this message before.
There is no problem on my Internet connection as far as I know.
I can do everything else fine except that Audirvana does not start.

I am not talking about any trial version, but I bought it, and I have never had any trouble of this kind before.
I do not see why I have to go through any SSL certificat issue.

I have just checked Keychain Access and I find no Audirvana.com certificate.
I have never checked it before, so I do not know if anything has gone different.

It seems that this is happening to some people since July.
I did not have this problem until now, December 2020.

Why is this still happening?
It is not solved yet?
Does everyone have to go through the SSL certificate issue?

Hello @Masumi,

You may have a damaged preferences file.
To reset it, open the Terminal application, and enter the following two commands:

defaults delete com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus
defaults delete com.audirvana.Audirvana

Please note you’ll be asked for your license key when you’ll relaunch Audirvana for the first time after this.

Hello Damien

I am in the same situation as TS Masumi. Same config, same issues
I of course tried your instructions, but after re-entering my key I get the same “Unable to check your license Please check your Internet connnection, and try again”. message again.

is there perhaps another, better, solution?

Hello @pavv1,

Have you tried to reinstall Audirvana?

i will try, i’ll report back to you…

Hello Damien

I got an installer for Audirvana Plus 3.0.2… installation of that is just drag & drop… after that its asks again for the reg. key which i provide…unfortunately i still get the

Unable to check your license Please check your Internet connnection, and try again”.


May be disable ipv6 on the network card.
For me, it’ works.

I had Audirvana Plus installed on my Mac Mini. That Mac Mini is no longer functional and I now use a Macbook Air.
As I was unable to install A+ on the new device, I opted to upgrade to V 3.5. I provided my old order # 62601780 and the website only provided one option: Convert to cross platform 3.5. I paid and purchased this via Order # #22617697.
Upon downloading the new version, I get this message ’ Unable to check your license. Please check your internet connection and try again’

  1. Revoke my earlier license on the Mac Mini
  2. Let me know how I can overcome the error message and use Audirvana 3.5 on my Macbook Air

Many thanks

It’s sorted out. As suggested, I deleted the expired certificate from Keychain and restarted. Works perfectly now.


Excuse me that I did not reply earlier, I just could not.

Following the instruction by Damien3, I deleted the two files.
The truth is that, I could delete the “com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus”, but not the “com.audirvana.Audirvana”, because the latter was not found.

As Damien3 said, the license key was required on the next start, but it did not start anyway.
It simply returned to display the same message:
“Unable to check your license Please check your Internet connection, and try again”.

I started to think of a possibility that, maybe by renewing my license for the version 3.5, it became invalid for the version 3?

I received the offer in February 2020 that I could renew my license for the version 3.5 for free, but I had to do it soon, or it will not be free.

So, I did renew my license, but I never installed the version 3.5, and I kept using the version 3.2.20 on Mac OS 10.9.5.

I do not remember any notice that renewing the license for the version 3.5 would revoke my license for the version3, and in fact, I could use the version 3 until December 2020.

Anyway, that was it with the Audirvana Plus 3.

Time passed by and I bought a new M1 Mac mini in February 2021, and I installed the new Audirvana 3.5.44 to it.
Thankfully, I could start it without problem with the same license key.

I am quite surprised that the new version 3.5 sounds very well although it does not work at “direct mode”.
Comparing with my memory, the version 3.5 sounds richer and denser than the version 3, as if the amplifier has got more power.
I can not say definitely which is better, but the new 3.5 is not bad at all, and I feel quite relieved.
I wish I could compare listening back and forth with the old version 3, but I do not miss the “direct mode” as much as I had imagined, because the new 3.5 sounds so nicely.
It could be that the old version 3 was better when I want to listen to the music for hours continuously, but if I want to enjoy the music for 30 minutes, the sound from the new version 3.5 is more satisfying.

By the way, there still lies a question.
One license can run the Audirvana on two PCs, as I understand.
I wonder what happened to the license I used for the version 3 on my old MacBook Pro.
I never had the chance to invalidate it, so am I using the new Mac mini as my secend PC for the same license?
I will find it out when I have another PC, but maybe, new version 4 can come out before that, and I am quite sure that I will up-grade my license for the new version.
I hope it would renew my license situation.

We can see your old MacBook activation on our database, do you want us to remove it? And yes, your MacMini use the second activation.

The license key you have can only be used on MacOS but you can convert it to be used on MacOS and/or Windows 10 at the end of this page: Audirvāna Studio/Origin Price

Yes, please remove the activation for the version 3 on my old MacBook Pro, since it can not start anyway.
Thank you very much for your fast response.

We have just removed your MacBook Pro from the license key database.

I have the same problem with my old mac-mini.
My audirvana version is 3.2.5.
I tried every method in this forum, but I still got this message.
“Unable to check your license, check your internet connection”. I reinstalled the software and I still get this message"

What should I do?