Unable to find add file on interface

I’m on dat 3 of the trial and all I want to do is add some more local music files but how the hell do I do it. In your opening remarks you say click on add files but where is ‘add files’ as I can’t find it

Thanks Lawrence

Click on the littles horizontal bars on right of main window, those are preferences, click library tab and add…

For the Windows version (see the screenshot below):

  • Click on Settings (1)
  • Click on Library (2)
  • Click on ‘Add Folders’ (3)

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Hi @Lawrence13

As you state that you want to add ‘some more’ local files, I’m assuming that you’ve already set the filepath for your local files within Audirvana?
If so, and you’ve now added new files to this/these location(s), I would suggest that you click on the refresh button, within Settings/Local:

Good luck.