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Was trying to add Studio to a second computer. As requested I quit Audirvana from my original computer. When I went to login to my new computer it send a code to verify. The code worked but then it prompted me to enter a ‘new’ password. I created a new password…the system tried working on something…and then I got a pop-up error telling me I had logged out incorrectly. It then prompted me to enter my email to send me another verification code…same thing happened. I then went back to the original computer I had Studio on and had the same issue there. I’m unable to do anything since I can’t login to my account. PLEASE HELP!

Hi @esttowst,

When you see the prompt asking you to sent a verification post, can you quit Audirvāna Studio and reopen it? Do you see the “normal” login with email and password?

The good news is I was able to resolve the issue. I was also unable to get onto the forum on the secondary computer (which is actually older) due to an outdated browser (Safari). I downloaded Chrome and that enabled me to get into the forum…as well as login to my account via webpage.
*For clarification on Antoine’s response, it was my account on Audirvana’s webpage that I could not log in to (but there’s no category for this in the forum).
P.S. I will be creating another post as I now can’t get my Remote app to work with the secondary computer.

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