Unable to move TIDAL songs to TIDAL playlist

Hi @Antoine and all,

It seems that dragging TIDAL songs from AS playlist back to TIDAL is not possible. We can only drag songs from TIDAL to a local playlist, but not bring them back to another TIDAL playlist.

Could this be added? (ie. dragging TIDAL songs from a locally curated playlist back to a TIDAL mobile playlist?


Do you have local tracks in the playlist you try to add to Tidal?

At first I did, but then I deleted all local tracks from that Playlist, but the option to add a song back to a tidal Playlist is not available regardless of itself being a tidal track…

@Antoine, can you allow the possibility to add a local playlist composed of TIDAL tracks back to a TIDAL playlist?

It is exceedingly impractical to bring my curated playlists back to my mobile.

All the best, Ed

This is not possible but if you try to select Tidal tracks in the playlist and add it to a Tidal playlist, it will work.

I think that’s the whole point. If I have TIDAL tracks in a local playlist, I cannot drag and drop or add them to a Tidal playlist.

Once a song has been moved to a local playlist, it can only be moved to other local playlists.

My point is that I’ve already curated my playlists locally (with my local files) and would like to drag the Tidal ones back to Tidal to go mobile with these.

This will be fixed in the next update of Audirvāna Studio.

Outstanding! Thanks for listening to us!