Unable to open an audio file for playback (Library)

I am new to the community, hope this is the correct place to post. I am using an updated Macbook Air, purchased Audirvana two weeks ago. My library on my NAS shows up in Audirvana but will not play anything. I can Airplay from the NAS to my Sonos speakers just fine, just can’t get Audirvana to play. Any advice would be appreciated. BTW, I have Audirvana installed on my Win 10 computer also but, of course, not able to stream to my Sonos from the Windows computer.


There is a regression not fixed by Apple since OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) that makes the AirPlay device unavailable to any application other than iTunes (it is not even listed in Audio Midi Setup application). Until Apple fixes this, there is a workaround to get it back:

  1. Option/alt click on the loudspeaker icon on the menu bar

  2. Select AirPlay in the selection menu that appears

  3. You can then select AirPlay in Audirvana Audio Device Settings.

If the loudspeaker icon is not displayed on the menu bar, you can show it by going to System Preferences, Sounds page, and set the “Show loudness in menu bar” option.

In addition, be sure iTunes is not set to use the Airplay device.

It seems I have the same problem, songs from NAS not playing, they show up, I re-synced them but no success, also I cannot find any Airplay under the speaker icon in the menu bar, it displays only my tv’s and some Sonos speakers that are airplay capable. All other playlists from Tidal work fine.Any help?

Now 2021 and the problem of not finding Airplay under the speaker icon on my Macbook Air persists. Every time I launch Audirvana on my Mac Air, I have to reboot the Mac in order for the Airplay to show up.

I resolved it with a restart…

Have you tried just resetting your Mac PRAM ? could help…


Audirvana has worked fine on my MAC for years and this week it partially quit. It runs fine with music from TIDAL but I get the 'Unable to open an …" message when I try to play from my local disk. I am going to test the integrity of the disk library but after that I am hooped. Audirvana routes the music from my MAC to my D/A converter and then on to my power amps.

I fixed my problem with a re-sync.


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