Unable to open an audio file for playback - Special Characters

Hi everyone,

I am posting this today as I have been encountering a persistent issue with Audirvana that I hope can be resolved. The problem lies in opening and playing files that have special characters in their names or paths. For instance, an artist like Tiësto, whose name contains a special character, is causing problems. When attempting to open files that include this character, Audirvana appears unable to do so, and thus, playback fails.

This issue is rather frustrating, considering the diversity and richness of artists and music across the globe. Many of these artists use special characters as part of their names or album titles, reflecting their cultural backgrounds or artistic inclinations. These characters are also often used in track titles or album art files. Therefore, an inability to handle these special characters puts a significant portion of my music library off-limits, thus limiting the user experience and functionality of Audirvana.

While a workaround would be to rename these files or folders, removing the special characters, this is not a practical solution. It would require massive efforts to go through each file and folder, not to mention it would strip away the authenticity and accuracy of the artists’ names and song titles.

I believe that Audirvana, as a high-end audio player software, should be able to handle such issues seamlessly. My plea is for the development team to address this issue, ensuring Audirvana is capable of interpreting UTF-8 characters in the file paths and providing users with a truly global and inclusive audio player.

Any feedback, suggestions or help from the community and the Audirvana team would be greatly appreciated. I hope we can work towards a solution that caters to the diverse needs of the Audirvana user base.

If you are on a Mac with macOS Monterey,
update to 13.4


There have been a lot of posts about this in other threads already. It does not seem to be a bug in Audirvana (it never had a problem on Mac and Windows with special characters), but as @RunHomeSlow already stated a UTF bug suddenly appeared in a MacOs Monterey update prior to 13.4. People reported this issue was resolved when they updated to macOS Monterey 13.4.

Also my feeling is that Apple as a high-end expensive computer company should be able to handle OS updates seamlessly without introducing UTF translation errors. Luckily the Apple development team seems to have addressed this issue in a truly global and inclusive operating system.

In short: computers and software are not as simple as baking a cake. Even the ‘high end’ ones drop the ball sometimes.

Of course if you experience this problem on a completely different machine than a Mac, please excuse my rambling and act like you never read this :grinning:

When you want more info, try to do a search in this forum on ‘audio file playback’ or ‘special characters’.


Yes! Thank you guys for your help :pray: updating to Monterey 13.4 fixed it… I can finally enjoy my Music again haha

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