Unable to set sort criteria in album view?

Hi, I’m a trial user of Audirvana Studio (Mac) and was wondering if it’s normal that you can’t set any sort criteria when in album view? I mean the album view when viewing an artist.

I can pull up the sort window, but everything is greyed out.


no options yet.

If you click Artist menu, then an Artist,
you don’t have options and the Artist Albums are ordered by Last to First…

But, if you click Folder View…
Then an Artist, now you have options… and can be set up First to Last…

Yes that works! Would be nice to have it in artist view directly but this will do for now thank you.

But for Qobuz albums this is not an option. Also list view is greyed out. I was hoping to get columns which would then be sortable. Some strange UI decisions here…

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you can’t sort albums in the Qobuz app as well. This is probably a limitation of Qobuz. Audirvana is depending on the interface (API) provided by Qobuz.

Qobuz has the option to sort between year and popularity. Not an extensive filterset either but in Audirvana Studio you can’t see the releases date which made it confusing for me. It would be nice if AS would show the year of release below the album, just as Qobuz does.

This is something that have been enabled recently for us and we have not made the decision to introduce it in the software with the latest version as we wanted first to add the My Weekly Q playlist in Audirvāna Studio.


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