Unable to verify your license

Hi, I’m a long term user of Audirvana. Today I tried to open it on my Mac (10.15.6) and I’ve got this message. Anyone can help me with this?

Hello @lorello, sorry for the inconvenience, there is actually an issue on the website due to our host provider, they are actually working on it. The issue should be fixed in the next hours (we don’t have a precise time for it… sorry).

Hi Damien, thanks for your prompt answer. No problem, I’ll wait until the issue is solved.

This is the message when I try to open Audirvana for Windows 10. Same issue? Does this mean that whenever your website is down or if your company were to fail, our music software will not work? If so, that’s very disconcerting.

Unfortunately, our hosting provider has still not fixed this expired SSL certificate issue.

You can however bypass this issue by using one of the two following methods:

  1. Change the time of your computer to Sunday, July 19th

On Windows, open Parameters, then click on “Date and Time”. In the Date and Time panel, unselect “set time automatically”, then click on the “Modify” button to set the date.

On macOS, open System Preferences, then click on “Date and Time “ to set the date.

After having installed and activated the Audirvana license, you can set back the date to now, by selecting “set time automatically”.

  1. On macOS: approve the expired certificate

Using Safari, enter the address audirvana.com

You get an error message telling the browsing is not secure/ connection is not private.

Click on the “Display Details” button. This shows the extended error message.

At the bottom you have a link “visit this website”. Click on it. Click again on “Visit the website” button in the confirmation popup. You’ll then have to use touch id or enter your admin password to confirm again.

The SSL certificate is then in the approved list.

You can then activate your license in Audirvana.

Changing the date back to the 19th and then inputting my license. Then date back to the 20th worked for me!

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