Uncomplete synchronization

Just testing the Studio app. “My music” tracks have not been entirely synchronized and imported (ony 1500 out of 4000+). They belong to a Roaming/Import/tmp library on my PC. How come can’t they all be imported in Audirvana ? Thanks.

Post-scriptum : among these 1500 imported tracks, some of them DID NOT belong to the source/original folder from my PC ! If fact, they belong to ANOTHER roaming/import/tmp folder situated on ANOTHER PC (my second PC’s Qobuz local folder). Weird, indeed.

Hi @farigoule,

Can you go into the Audirvāna settings and in the My Account section? You will see a button ‘Start Log Session’, click on it, and then click on the sync button next to your synced folder. After the sync is “complete”, click on ‘Stop Log Session’ and then send me the log file you can find by clicking on the button ‘Open Log Folder’ at support@audirvana.com