Understanding contents of sqlite database

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I would like some help understanding the contents of the sqlite database
A while ago, Antoine helped me figure out the slow responsiveness of Audirvana 3.5 on macOs was due to large file sizes on the cover images.

I reduced the file sizes on the images in my library folder, and Audirvana became much more responsive. I think I need to repeat this exercise, however, I have the following questions

  1. in the sqlite database, is the frontcover_image_id a reference to the file sizes of the images?
  2. if I have a folder with music files, and a small sized low-res cover.jpg, can I have a subfolder with hires large sized images as well? will that affect the performance of aurdirvana? (assuming that the small cover.jpg is the one selected as the cover within audirvana)

I’m just basically looking for the culprit files that are slowing down audirvana. If I go my the sqlite database, I would like to pinpoint which ones are causing the slowdowns (ie. large file sizes)

Just using folder, I’m seeing the hires and lowres files, but not sure which one audirvana is currently using. I suppose I can go through each album individually, relink to the smaller sized image files, but trying to find a quicker way!

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What I can tell you is that I have hundreds of albums in my Audirvana database. Each album is in a folder with the cover art in a 500x500 px JPEG file. I put the covers in HiRes in a sub-folder. Thus I never noticed any slowdown of Audirvana.

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No, this is an id of the image you can see in the table IMAGES in the database. In this table you can see the size of the cover of your track.

Audirvana will always take the file named cover.jpg so you have to choose the one you want to display.

Thanks for the reply Antoine, but still having trouble finding out where to look in the sqlite database. I’ve tried several sqlite viewers on mac, but can’t seem to find exactly where it is indicating the file sizes of the artwork. Could you please let me know how to go about finding them?


I use DB Browser for Sqlite, you can see the image here, the size of it is at the bottom right of it:

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