Understanding filter terminology

I have smart playlist that has 2 filters: 1-is equal to 5 Stars & 2-Not played within the last 180 days.

What is the meaning by the terms “is later than” or “is earlier than” when referring to Last Date Played? I would guess that LATER than means OLDER and EARLIER means a MORE RECENT date or am 180º backwards?

Also, once we solve for the question above, should a just played song drop off the list after it fails the test of the filters in that smart playlist?


No replies… Anyone have an answer?

I never use this function myself. But out of interest I made an attempt.

The last 10 days I have not listened to music from the local library. The line “later than 10 days before today” gives no result. When I make this “earlier” I see all the music I listened to 10 days ago.

Thank you, Jacob. I appreciate the response. I too was in much the same type of experimentation process but hearing your results will help confirm my findings.