Understanding SoX filter phase parameter

I would like to get some clarification about the filter phase upsampling parameter setting when using SoX. The default settings (unless I’ve accidentally changed something) appear to be:

If I wanted to set the filter phase to perfectly linear, where would I put the slider?

The SoX command line parameter puts this at 50%:
-p 0-100 Any phase response (0 = minimum, 25 = intermediate, 50 = linear, 100 = maximum)

In Audirvana, the extreme right of the slider is labelled “Linear”, how do these two scales correlate? Should I set the slider to 50 or to 100, for linear phase?

Nobody knows? Damien?

Check the official documentation for SoX project.

I did, I quoted from it. My question arises from the apparent discrepancy between the SoX docs (0 = minimum, 25 = intermediate, 50 = linear, 100 = maximum) and the presentation in the Audirvana UI (0 = Min. Phase, 100 = Linear).

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