Understanding Upsampling to DSD configs

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Regarding AS upsampling to DSD, could anyone explain what the DSD Sigma-Delta Modulator filter type (A, B, C) does?

I understand what the n-th order is, but not the filter type (A, B, C). Could anyone enrich my understanding on that?

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I’m going to offer some possible definitions, along with references:

“A” type = Apodizing Filter

“B” type = Brickwall Filter
(As extrapolated from this article: Website of Wayne Stegall - Delta-Sigma Modulators - Their basic theory of operation)

“C” type = Central difference Filter
(As extrapolated from this paper: https://123.physics.ucdavis.edu/week_5_files/filters/digital_filter.pdf)

More insights found here:

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That’s extremely useful! Thank you, brother.