Unhandled exeption

good afternoon,
after a power failure, when restarting audirvana, i got the following message.
Can fit be fixed or do I have to reinstall?
I like to hear it.
best regards,

It could be that your database file is corrupt (that can happen after a power failure).
Search your harddrive for a file named ‘AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite’. On Windows it should be somewhere in your C:\Users<YourUserName> directory. Or just search the whole drive for that file in Windows explorer.

If you found it then quit Audirvana (if not quit already) and: delete the AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite file (or move it to another directory or rename it to something else like AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite.corrupt).

Restart Audirvana. You now have to define your library files again in Setup\Library (in my case it is drive D:, but your miles may vary :wink: ).

Everything should work again now. Tip: make a regular backup of the AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite file. In case you have a power failure again, simply replace the corrupted file with a backup.

Of course uninstalling Audirvana and re-installing it will probably have the same effect, but is a bit more work. In both cases Audirvana has to scan your music library again to build a new database. In both cases this can take hours depending on the number of local music files you have.

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Hello Andy,

thank you kindly for your help.
It all works again.
in the event of a next power failure (my old classé power amplifier is the culprit when switching on) I know how to act.

Was just talking with another member about a power outage, perhaps a ups for the cpu is in order. One home I live at has had a lot of power outages lately, ups have been handy.