Unhappy Experience with Audirvana Plus for Windows 10

About 4 months ago, I decided to purchase Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 for better soundreasons. Here I would like to report on my experiences with it.First the good:Audirvana Plus actually sounds better with the same files than my previous and up-to-date player JRiver Mediacentre. However, not significantly better, but it is worth it anyway, for the better sound.
Now my criticism:

  1. First the installation: On my music laptop, the first installations did not work at all. And that although the first test installation of the beta ran perfectly. I then manually removed all files and registry entries, but it did not work either. So I searched the download file and manually unzipped it. Muhsamm searched the right installation file and then it went. A request via Facebook remained unanswered.
  2. Handling and Library Handling: First, I have the appropriate folder of my NAS as a library involved. The reading took hours (about 22500 files)! Now I have all the files on an external USB hard drive (3TB). Drive letter and path absolutely identical. But he did not recognize a single file, the library was empty. So I then connected the NAS to another drive and manually included the drive as a second folder in Aurdirvana. Now he has read it. Only I can not delete the old NAS library, although it is reported offline, but a removal not. Then, as usual, I created my playlists, intelligent ones. For example, I have a playlist of new music files added with dates = older than 7 days. That does not work. Every time I save it and edit it again there is 0 days. Unusable. In the playlist, the current title is not marked at all or is incorrectly marked, even unusable. Then I loaded (and paid) the Remote app for iPad. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to rate a title, for example with 1-5 stars. Why is not this possible? This is indispensable in a library with more than 22500 titles. Now I added about 180 titles last week. These are not read in automatically at the start of Audirvana or by repeated manual synchronization. Unusable again.
    Conclusion: I can understand that Audirvana does not deliver the unbelievable comfort, such as JRiver, but the problems described make it impossible to use software in everyday life.
    I’d like to ask for a speedy response and a look at recovery and bug fixes, given the high cost of the player and app.
    Greetings, Martin W. Steinbach