Uninstall means to clear activated device list/reset please!

hello, Damien.3,

now good night in Japan.

My audirvana music life started on a beebox of ASRock in/with Windows 10.

(Of cource, I have been started the sweet connection with audirvana on a mac mini already)

Now I am still happy , but please give your little help and assistance.

audirvana’s ver 3.5 for Windows is very easy to handle , so I thought to transfer

from the beebox to the i7 (6 cores) Main device.

At this timing AS I knew your rule exist, but I am not sure in your mannar, very sorry.

Not by your tool but by windows so called “uninstall tools” many times.

Please reset my installtion history data base.

Best Regards,

Hiroyasu ETO

Hi! Damien.3,thanks a lot for your quick reply.

But it was not effective,

Very sorry I did something wrong before your email, maybe.
Please reset again,

And how can I treate this activation?
Acti. then Download and key-input
Acti. then I can get another your instruction to follow

Best regards,

H. Eto

Hello @hiroEto,

I have removed all your computers from the license database. You can now activate up to two computers.

To install Audirvana on your computer, you can proceed as follows:

  1. install trial version : https://audirvana.com/try/
  2. unlock it by loading your license key