Universal Remote User Interface

Hi Damien,
like a lot of us I use Audirvana with an headless Mac Mini. No screen, no keybord, no mouse. Audirvana remote is then usefull, but even if the new remote is really great a phone is not very comfortable, and my wife don’t like to share his iPad :wink:
So I often use " Screen Sharing" from my laptop. It would be very interesting to have an “Audirvana client” for Mac or PC to acces the main app on the reader like does Audirvana remote. As an example the way Roon does that is very efficient. (no comparison with sound quality of course !!)

This may be an alternative to improving the functionality of the iOS remote.
I wanted to be able to edit smart playlist criteria and edit metadata.
I now do this through Chrome Remote Desktop. This is rather awkward, so if there was a smoother GUI to do those two things, I would be grateful.

Why there is no way to change font sizes for people who cannot read small text. This is a basic accessility requirement for apps.


A workable, poor man’s solution to this is to use a remote desktop connection to the Mac (headless Mini, for instance) hosting Audrivāna. This may need to be enabled on the hosting Mac which will temporarily require a screen, keyboard and mouse to be connected. Once done, control over the Mac (and Audrivāna) can be preformed from any number of devices (Macs, PCs, iPads, etc) using a VNC client.