Unnecessary bit rate conversion

I noticed a bug - when sending 16 / 44.1 via ethernet to upnp renderer Studio converts it to 32 / 44.1
How to deactivate it?
No signal processing, upsampling is deactivated.

In 3.5 no such behavior.

Same bug here when streaming Tidal. It’s rendering 16-bit FLAC to either 24bit or 32bit depending on if “integer mode” is enabled. Or at least the display shows that it is changing it, my DAC only gives status on the sample rate so I’m not sure I can actually believe the display on this either.

seemingly this might only happen on ASIO drivers… on kernel streaming its bit perfect but I have no idea why its doing this

My guess is this is just zero padding, and doesn’t do anything to bit perfect. That is, the 16 least significant bits are filled with zeroes. Nothing changes, just like 1.0000000000000000 is the same quantity as 1.

Yes you can - My DAC shows bit depth

In my case it’s Ethernet Kernel

In case of my 24 bit DAC it actually does change things a lot: “Unsupported file format”.
So - I cant listen 44.1/16 files…

But maybe this is an incentive to listen to High Res :wink:

That’s normal, it’s the bit depth reported by the audio interface.

When using upnp my Volumio reports 32 bit but my DAC only supports up to 24/192 so I’m guessing it is not really 32 bit and just something being displayed wrongly.

I did some extra tests and it turns out that my DAC interprets UPnP Ethernet stream 16/44 from Win10 Studio as 32 bit and the same UPnP stream 16/44 from 3.5 (on the same Win10) as 16 bit .
Very strange…
Could @support verify it please?

It’s been discussed and dissected hundred times. There is no rate conversion going on. To all intents and purposes it plays bit-perfect. The bit depth you see is the bit depth the audio interface is reporting. That’s also the position of the Audrivana team, if you search the forums you’ll see some replies from @Antoine or one of his other incarnations.

Your DAC may only be able to input 24 bit files, but may use 32 bit floating point internal processing.

Assuming you have your DAC set in AS as 24 bit input max? (And if it is, you’ve tried changing that to see if it makes any difference?)

Same old bug from 3.5 that was promised to be fixed with Studio. Nice job Audirvana.

OK - Okay, I understand - but what to do to make it work in Studio - whatever is causing this problem.
Because it’s not working properly in new Studio.

No - in 3.5 there is no that problem at all.
Only in Studio

Yes - I have done it, But it didn’t help
But the weird thing is that in 3.5 the same works fine …

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No idea, doesn’t bother me as it works ok


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I have this issue in 3.5 with several dac’s. FiiO K5 Pro or Topping E30 for example. But good to know that you know better. lol

That’s right, made with Foobar2000 upnp endpoint for testing also works.

But maybe that’s a minor mistake - Let the Studio be not less versatile than 3.5.