Unnecessary doubleclick needed accessing list view

Audirvana Origin 2.1.0 (20100) on macOS 10.14.6
Beeing in the window for playlists you can start playback of an album by clicking once on the play button in the middle of an album icon. That’s intuitive.
Beeing in the window for playlists it needs 2 clicks to access the listview of a an album by clicking on the icon of an album. In listview it needs also 2 clicks to activate a track coming from the playlist window.
Intuitive would be, if it needed only 1 click.
@Antoine, can you reproduce that?

Hi @o99,

I will need some screenshots here to reproduce the behavior, can you post it here?

Hi @Antoine
I made a mp4 to show what I described above and sent it to support@audirvana.com.
Thank you for having a look at it.