Unraid with virtual Windows for Audirvana?

Hello, has anyone tried running Audirvana on a virtual Windows in Unleashed? (Unleashed in a Linux based OS for servers). If so, should dlna still work?

I’m fixing to start building a high powered NAS to store all my media and want to run it with Unleashed. I’m still in the planning phase so I can not test this. Hoping someone has tried it and knows if it works and is stable.


Also, is there any limit to the music library size? Is a music library of 6Tb going to be a issue as far as the software is concerned? Will it still scroll and search nice and snappy as long as the hardware is up to the task?

Should work and there should be no limit on the library size.

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Also, do you happen to know if the Audirvana android app will install and run well on Nvidia Shield Pro? I’d like to run the Audirvana server on the Unleashed virtual Windows and it dlna to my stereo…then control it mostly using the android and iOS apps from my phone, iPad, and Nvidia Shield.

Does it seem like this should all work fine?

That I don’t know, but try that first. If you have access to the Google PlayStore or using APKPure it should be doable.

Dear SPOautos,

How far are you with your project consisting of running Audirvana on a VM hosted on a DIY NAS.
I’m planning do the same but using openmediavault (cause i’m more familiar with debian based unis system).

I was wondering if Audirvana was working 100% good on a VM having at least 8Gb of RAM hosted on a NAS with an entry level CPU.

How much CPU does Audirvana consumes? I do not intend to make use of DSD files.

Thanks for your feedback.

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