Unsorting albums

Hello! I bought the program with a monthly payment. I play entire discs from my collection and they have unsorted recordings and in addition some additional discs are created -#disc2 that are not there. You can’t set it, you have to do a play queue every time.
I will not hide that I am disappointed, despite the excellent - better than in A3.5 quality music. Please resolve the issue.


Yes you can set it… just badly tagged, cmd i on a mac or click info panel icon in top of window to show info panel, just select those 2 tracks and remove the 1 in the cd number field and save

Sometimes also a different cover for same album will split, just select all tracks and in info panel put one cover for all, not your case here i think :grinning:

Thank you for the hint, but my metadata menu looks different and there are no such options. Maybe I have other settings? I note, that I work on PC/win11 -not on Mac :slight_smile:
In version that I have, there are no such problems.

You need to select the track to change it’s metadata.

Since you have not selected a track, you are changing the metadata album in the screenshot you sent.

Remark! I’ve moved the entire library from drive C to drive D and everything works as it should! Spells :)))))

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