[UPDATE LIVE] Thanks for everyone that tried the Audirvāna Remote Android Beta Update

Welcome to our Android beta tester program :iphone:

Thank you for everyone that tried our latest update of the Audirvāna Remote app. We will keep an eye on your suggestions as the development of the Remote is not over.

We have now made the 4.0 update of the available for everyone so you can all enjoy the remote on your tablet in horizontal mode. (note that the auto switch from Horizontal/Vertical is not active yet)

Since you are in the Beta channel of the Remote, you will need to quit it to get the 4.0 update :point_down:

How to stop being part of the program?

You need to uninstall the app, go on Audirvāna Remote page and scroll to the bottom of it, an option to leave the beta program will be displayed

hello, I would like to join the remote program

Hi @Jaroslav_Opalka, please send me a private message (click on my icon then click on “Message”) with the mail linked to your Google Play app and I will add you to the list.