Update to 3.5.13 - failed "Access denied"

When I tried to do the update to 3.5.13, Audirvana closed and I got a dialog for the update process. Then I got an Installation Failed message with an Access Denied detail.

When I reopened Audirvana it says my software is currently up to date and the version is 3.5.13 - but I know nothing has been installed!

Thanks for your help.

Mine also apparently failed update, with the installer running constantly and failing to progress. However, like the OP, version is now shown as 3.5.13.

Looks like an installer display bug of some sort but install succeeded ‘invisibly’.

I was able to uninstall Audirvana and do a new installation and now have version 3.5.13.

Hope that helps @pieronip and anyone else that encounters this problem

Thanks for that.

Even though there was no ‘successful completion’ message, the installation clearly did succeed so I wasn’t too worried.


@pieronip how do you know that the installation was successful? You can’t go by the version information in Audirvana after the ‘update’. It seems the version number is updated whether it is successful or not.

Well. That’s interesting.

The ‘Licence’ details within AV settings shows 3.5.13 and checking for a new version shows ‘Up To Date’. If this is not the case, there would have to be some truly dreadful programming practice going on.


Perhaps you could comment?


Hello @pieronip and @Zkeller, this Access denied AppInstaller error message happen sometimes. The easiest way to get rid of it is to reinstall Audirvana.