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Hall monitor moved this

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Unfortunately the app seems broken. Album view returns a request error and the sub-menu button still causes the app to close.

Just updated!!!

Yey, the mini player can be used in landscape mode on my iPad!!!

Great! Thank you Audirvana team.

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Appears to be working on my iPad (portrait and landscape), although can’t see the folder view?
@Antoine Has this function been incorporated yet?

EDIT - As mentioned on another thread, the ‘…’ problem is still present.

I’m puzzled about the use of the “lounge” section for typical support messages.
Anyway, glad the remote is finally having its first update since many months, I hope it means now the most critical issues with the desktop app are fixed and the improvement of the remote is back on schedule :smiley:

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Hi @OffRode

The track listing issue was resolved by upgrading Studio to 1.8.1, the sub-menu issue is an ongoing problem I have discussed previously with @Antoine and was meant to be fixed as part of the landscape rewrite but remains with both iPad Pro M1 and iPad Mini 6. Both are running iPadOS 15.0.1. iPhones don’t seem to have the same problem.

Could you guys please post this stuff OUTSIDE the Lounge?

May i know is this version still work on Audirvāna 3.5??? if not, i’ll keep my old one and not update it.

You can still use the 3.5 version of the Remote even with the latest update of the Remote.

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