Updating streaming playlists in AS

Is there anyway way of updating the playlists you’ve set up from streaming platforms in AS without having to sign out of the platform on AS and then sign back in?
I’ve created playlists in Qobuz and Tidal but these only appear in the appropriate list of streaming playlists if I unlink the streaming account in question from AS and then sign back into it.

Hi Dazza, there are no ways to update playlists/albums etc on the fly.
You have found one way. I just do a quick restart, which takes about 15-20 Seconds and that saves logging out and logging in. Anything in your play queue remains there and can be started again and play whilst you wait for Qobuz and Tidal to update your changes.
@Antoine is Audirvāna looking to have a sync feature include in a future update?

Thanks for that. I feared that may be the case.

Hi Dazza Follow up to our earlier conversation.

Played around with this a bit and this is what I found using my System as follows:

AS on MacBook Air M2
Audirvāna Remotes on iPad & iPhone
Tidal Subscription
Qobuz Subscription

I added a song to a Qobuz Playlist using Qobuz App and added a song to Tidal Playlist using the Tidal App.

In the Audirvāna Remote I clicked on the playlists button and selected the Qobuz Playlists. Touched the screen and pulled down like you do when you want to refresh a page and found that the Qobuz Playlist that I updated on the Qobuz App had updated on both the Audirvāna Remote and also AS on the MacBook Air.

Did the same thing for Tidal and found that the Playlist had updated on both the Audirvāna Remote and also AS on the MacBook Air.

Next step was to add an album from the Qobuz App and a different Album from the Tidal App.

Went to the Audirvāna Remote and went to firstly the Heart (My Albums Section) . Pressed and did the refresh action, however neither the Qobuz or Tidal Album had updated in the App. FAIL
On the remote went to both the Qobuz Section and the Tidal Section and did the refresh there and neither updated there as well. FAIL
Checked the AS on the MaxBook Air and neither Album showed up. FAIL

So went to the Remote and added a different Album from the Qobuz Section and the Tidal Section and both appeared in the Heart (My Albums) section straight away, and both appeared straight away on the MacBook Air.

So it appears:
if we use the remote to add music, either Albums or Playlists they will update straight away to the MacBook.
If we use the Qobuz or Tidal App to add a playlist or a song to a playlist we can get the remote to update by using the touch and pull down (Refresh Action)
If we use the Qobuz or Tidal App to add an album, the refresh method does not work and we have to restart AS on the MacBook Air for those Albums to update.
However if we add Albums direct from the Qobuz and Tidal interface on the Remotes, then the Library shows those added Albums on the remote and AS on the MacBook Air immediately without having to do a restart or a logout and login.

Hope your system will do the same thing for you, when you get a chance to test it.

@antoine Is there a way to get Albums to update the same way as it appears playlists do, if we add them using the native apps from Qobuz and Tidal?

Thanks @ChiliHot That’s a really useful and detailed answer. Will try the same next time I have the chance.

this is something we need to consider in a future update of Audirvāna Studio :wink:

Would be excellent :heart: