Upgrade advice wanted

Hoping that someone here can advise me. Currently I use an old version of Audirvana Plus, running on a headless Mac Mini, controlled via iPad using Apple Remote. (This is the only use for the Mini.) The Mac Mini feeds a Bel Canto DAC, via the Bel Canto Reflink. I have very basic use-cases for A+: I don’t queue songs, or have playlists or anything like that. All my music is ripped from CDs. So I haven’t really had a need to upgrade either A+ or the Mini’s OS, which is still OSX (Lion). I really like the simplicity of this set-up.

I do, however, love the sound quality that A+ produces, and fear that I’m missing out on the improvement that come with 3.0. To upgrade to 3.0 (or above) I would need to upgrade the Mac OS. Obviously feasible, but is it worth it? I’m conscious of the statement in the user guide that says “the sound quality will be affected by having iTunes running along with Audirvana Plus”, which is what I would need to do to keep using Apple Remote. I’m also conscious of the loss of Direct Mode that comes with upgrading the Mac OS. What should I do? (As you can probably tell from this post, I am not very technically sophisticated.)

Hello unknown user,
first as in all other communities a small Hello and a nice siganture like “Regrads xxxx” or so works mostly.

For your question. I use the same dac as well. See profile. The only reason for me was a faster library, the performance upgrade is huge.
Rest is up to you

Hi M,

Thanks so much for replying, and sincere apologies for my lack of courtesy when posting my questions. You are absolutely right - my manners deserted me! Nice to hear from a fellow Bel Canto user too.

When you say the performance upgrade was huge, do you mean in relation to the faster library? Or was there also a gain in sound quality?

I have been wondering if I can run A+ 3.X if I upgrade the Mac Mini to El Capitan, hopefully enabling me to continue to use Direct Mode. But still not sure whether running it with iTunes means that I will get any significant SQ gain.

Thanks again for your response.

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Ill use elcapitan and the Library Performance is great. Direct Mode is native , one reason to downgrade from sierra.
Quality is still the Same as far as i can judge imho.:v:


Thanks very much. So i upgraded to El Capitan and installed new A+. Everything appears to be working fine, but i cant get any sound at all out of my system. I’ve tried everything i can think of to get it running again. Anyone got any experience of this, and what i can do to fix it?

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Hi - fixing this is completely beyond me. Have been trying for hours, and am desperate. Can’t listen to any of my music! If anyone is able to help, I am happy to remunerate for assistance. If so, please contact me directly on jandal@sky.com.

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have you check the Audio Midi settings of your mac…
Applications… Utilities folder… audio midi Setting…
choose the dac as output there…
is your dac selected in audio prefs of A+…

maybe your dac need a new driver for the new system… have you check the website cie.

Declaration as the same, so it should work too
is the song playing and the progress bar is advancing… just no sound out?

This worked! Turned out to be an issue with the Midi settings. Huge thanks for the help - really grateful.